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Here at He Fit She Fit we offer a fully mobile personal training service, operating across Medway, Chatham, Maidstone, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Gravesend, Sheerness and surrounding areas. Now we are also offering Private Home studio training in Lordswoord, Medway. Check out The Home Gym page for more info.

So if you are looking for a personal trainer near you, then we take away the hassle of going to the gym. we am very aware that gyms can be an intimidating place to go. Regardless of your goals, we want you to be able to train in an environment such as your home, where you feel most comfortable and at ease.

Don't worry about the equipment I have that covered too. We will bring everything needed with us. 
He Fit She Fit Mobile Personal Training has been running since 2012 and has helped 100s of people improve their health, get fitter, lose weight, gain muscle, strength, endurance and achieve sports specific goals, all from the comfort of their home or outside in the fresh air.

Boxing Training is also available for anyone wanting to learn boxing or for any experienced boxers looking to get ready for an upcoming bout.

All of our sessions are 1hr long and include nutrition support and guidance, full body analysis and tailored workouts to suit your goals.

We offer FREE consultations to every new client so that we can discuss your goals and our services in more detail. Book a FREE Consultation  with one of our Male Personal Trainers Or Female Personal Trainers.

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Services We Provide

Functional Trainings

Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.

Home Personal Trainer Near You

Home personal training is the physical fitness equivalent of buying the supermarket's 'extra special' equivalent of a product. Not like the normal or no frills version, the extra special offers that little bit more- in this particular case individualised health and fitness training in the comfort of your own home.

Cardio Training

Cardio exercise is any workout that raises your heart rate. Cardio exercise uses large muscle movement over a sustained amount of time trying to keep your heart rate to approximately 50% of its maximum level. Are your workout intense enough?

Body Building

Bodybuilding is the technique of developing muscle fibres with the combination of weight training, boosted caloric intake, and rest. Someone who participates in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is defined as the reduction in body mass and body fat.

There are many methods and different approaches are needed depending on your circumstance.

Core strength

Core-strength exercises build up your core muscle mass, consisting of your abdominal muscles, back muscles as well as the muscle mass around the pelvis. Solid core muscles make things easier to do many physical activities.

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Why Personal Trainers is important?

Ultimately your physical fitness success is directly associated with exactly how hard and precisely how often you exercise. Your diet additionally plays a crucial role in reaching health and fitness goals. Typically speaking, Everyone possesses different methods of motivation. These coincide in the health and fitness world, the corporate and business world, or the sports world. If you have determined fitness goals, irrespective of how small or big that they may be, with any luck, you are taking positive steps toward accomplishing those goals. You may be the kind of person who finds intrinsic or internal inspiration very quickly. It’s hardly ever a problem for you to visit the gym, exercise when you’re tired, or eat the appropriate foods regularly.

Nevertheless, those who find motivation harder need outside sources to inspire them. Individuals who find motivation much more challenging need outside resources to motivate them. Maybe you find your health and fitness motivation from your best-loved actor or athlete. Perhaps you need an experienced fitness professional supporting you in getting going in an exercise routine or checking your present workout to evaluate how efficient the workouts and overall plan may find yourself in-relation to achieving your goals.

A personal trainer is the health and fitness expert and the inspiration you need. Your trainer is incredibly crucial to your fitness results. Irrespective of your ability to stay motivated by internal or external elements, a personal trainer can easily take your workout sessions to another level. Mentally, humans react and push themselves in various ways whenever it is known that somebody is watching them. In case that someone happens to be a health and fitness professional that knows precisely what they are speaking about and certainly look the part, the workout sessions will always be more intense than just about anything} you will do on your own.

Aside from the straightforward Jedi mind-trick of having somebody watch you, personal trainers have certainly been educated to develop and execute exercise programs in which are safe, effective, beneficial, and suitable for the individual client. Fitness instructors carry out health-history consultations, identify current fitness levels, and life-style factors. Using this information, the personal instructor can carefully develop a course to help the customer set real, achievable goals utilizing research-proven and published methods.

As soon as the goals are established, a personal trainer will undoubtedly teach appropriate exercise techniques and developments. Each piece of info explained has one objective: to achieve your fitness targets. Of course, the personal trainer is going to be with the customer throughout the training and learning process. Ultimately, the customer is going to accomplish the self-efficacy to feel empowered enough to stick to a workout and diet way of life to remain in fantastic shape. It’s apparent in which a personal trainer is very significant to your health and fitness success. Trust that these kinds of professionals possess the knowledge to teach and instruct exceptional ways to enter into fantastic condition. Anyone will undoubtedly be driven to your limitations; however every workout session will deliver you closer to the physical body and also the healthy way of living you desire and need. Take the guess-work out of working out! Get a plan and method from a personal trainer near you and enjoy your fitness success.

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